All the pups have gone to homes!

All of our pups have been sold and gone to their new homes.

Three pups sold, pickup on 16 November!

What do puppies whisper about?

Orange had sold the previous week. This week, purple and black have sold. One female and four males left. Two people have said they want a male but they haven’t left a deposit yet. Still time to get a pup just in time for Thanksgiving break!

Upcoming week is a busy week. Need to schedule the first vaccinations and embed the microchips. Some of the pups are starting to show interest in a bird wing. so might be able to start some basic training. Been getting better on waiting to pee or pooh until we take them outside.

Five weeks old! Snow and grass!

Even puppies know to take time to smell the flowers!

Pups started wanting to be out more this week. Which is good, because the pooh routine was getting old. They are still clumsy, but really like hopping and running around on the porch and grass. Also got a taste of snow this week one day while having time to play in the flowers too the next! Only in Colorado.

The orange pup has sold.


Ten days old! Over double in sized and very energetic!

Hungry pups! Pups are always hungry!

All the puppies are doing great! First week is always busy, as their mother learns the routine again. Dew claws were removed at five days; vet said all the puppies were doing well. They’re already trying to lift up their rear ends, so they’ll be walking maybe even before their eyes open! Still looking for some buyers, so give us a call!

Had new litter 21 September!

Kaylee had a litter last Thursday, September 21. The sire is Hunter of KB Kennels Pointing Labs.   Six males, two females, all healthy! These pups have now had their dew claws removed and the vet says they all seem vibrant and healthy. They are available to go to new homes on 15 November, just in time for Thanksgiving!

A pile of four day old Yellow Labrador puppies!

Tails up! Fast growing yellow lab puppies!

Tails up! Time to suck.

Tails up! Time to suck.

The latest litter is now 4 weeks old. The whole litter is doing fantastic, growing well and starting to develop their own personalities. They are hitting nice development points. All are eating puppy gruel well (first step to weening); they can all climb from one side of the whelping box to the other. The play times are starting to be lots of fun to watch now — just sit there watching them and you’ll laugh, and laugh, and laugh!

Puppies at play!

Puppies at play!

Picks of four pups have been sold now. 2 males and 2 females. People will be picking their pups starting this weekend.


Time flies — puppies now three weeks old!

We’ve had a great two weeks. Didn’t get the pictures from the second week posted till tonight, but now have both the 2nd and 3rd week pictures posted for the puppies. Their eyes are all doing well and they can see well to six or seven feet. They are now walking well and starting to lunge and hop, which is just a blast to watch. They are ravenously hungry, all of them gaining good weight. They are up to five pounds now! We started them on the puppy gruel yesterday and they loved it today — as the pictures show.

Nursing labs smile too!

Nursing labs smile too!

First meal... Puppy gruel! Yum!

First meal… Puppy gruel! Yum!

Second meal... more puppy gruel! Yum!

Second meal… more puppy gruel! Yum!

Yellow lab puppies now one week old!

Our recent litter is now a week old! Inara is doing very well, and all the puppies are healthy, highly energetic yellow lab puppies. Their dew claws have been removed and the vet said they all seemed very healthy. They’ve all doubled in weight, just as they should. The largest three are Black (male), Blue (male), and Pink/Light Green (female). The most energetic is also Blue! All the pups are eating very well. These are puppies for sale! 1st and 2nd pick deposits have been received for both males and females! Call us soon if you’d like one of these fantastic labrador puppies — they are going to be excellent hunting retrievers! 720 291 3586.

Eight yellow lab puppies sleeping in a row...

Eight yellow lab puppies sleeping in a row…

Inara doesn't get to sit in the chair often!

Inara doesn’t get to sit in the chair often!

New yellow lab puppies!

Inara had eight yellow lab puppies yesterday! Four males, four females. All the puppies are healthy and wiggly and loud! Lots of pictures will be coming soon, and we’ll keep news posted. At this point, three females and one male are sold.

Inara happy with her first four yellow lap puppies!

Inara happy with her first four yellow lap puppies!

Exhausted Inara with her litter of Colorado Labrador Retriever puppies!

Exhausted Inara with her litter of Colorado Labrador Retriever puppies!

Resting in the sun!


Second day of Spring!

 Inara enjoying the hot grass on a wonderful Spring day! Puppies are due any day starting tomorrow. She’s so heavy and slow now! And it’s always great to feel or see the puppies moving around.