White Male — 21 September 2017 — SOLD

Notes: Smallest of the remaining pups with a slightly darker coat. Very gentle, but showing great hunting tendencies. Taking to training (sit, here/come, basic fetch) really well. Very attentive, always watching what we’re doing. Up first, up last, ready to go. (HAD TO CHANGE COLLAR COLOR TO BROWN.)

Nine weeks old!

Notes: Very curious and apparently not afraid of heights.

Six weeks old!

What’s down there?

Six weeks old!

Notes: Always needs to be in the center of whatever is going on. Runs from one place to another seeing what the other pups are up to.

Five weeks old!

Notes: Playing with all the pups, adventurous.

White — Three weeks old already!

Notes: Very vocal so far, a bit pushy, and growing well.

Ten days old!

Notes: Doing very well, average sized.

Four days old!