Blue Male — 21 September 2017 — SOLD

Notes: Fun loving pup, always wanting to engage with everything it discovers. Training has started on sit, here/come, and basic fetch. First time I threw a puppy bumper in the hallway, he just barked and barked at it. It’s a start! In between his bouts of jumping and jinking around, he’s very relaxed. Likes to come sit next to me on my right side when I’m spending time with the pups outside. All the others are trying to get up onto me and he just sits calmly next to me — until I don’t give him enough attention and he piles in.


Notes: Pouncing on leaves and chasing wings. Might be a hunter.

Let’s climb on this!

Six weeks old!

Notes: Happy pup, doesn’t push the other dogs around despite being second largest. Independent. Starting to show interest in a bird wing.

Five weeks old!

Notes: Big blue — lots of personality and a nice, wrinkly face.

Blue — Three weeks old already!

Notes: Not the biggest now, but close and growing fast. Energetic!

Ten days old!

Notes: 1st pup of the litter! And the largest.

Four days old!