Time flies — puppies now three weeks old!

We’ve had a great two weeks. Didn’t get the pictures from the second week posted till tonight, but now have both the 2nd and 3rd week pictures posted for the puppies. Their eyes are all doing well and they can see well to six or seven feet. They are now walking well and starting to lunge and hop, which is just a blast to watch. They are ravenously hungry, all of them gaining good weight. They are up to five pounds now! We started them on the puppy gruel yesterday and they loved it today — as the pictures show.

Nursing labs smile too!

Nursing labs smile too!

First meal... Puppy gruel! Yum!

First meal… Puppy gruel! Yum!

Second meal... more puppy gruel! Yum!

Second meal… more puppy gruel! Yum!