Whelping box is ready!

Our yellow lab puppies should be birthed within ten, maybe twelve days now. Got Inara’s whelping box put together — with lots of help from her, of course. She’s starting to show very heavy, and you can tell the puppies are starting to move a bit because she keeps acting like something is touching her tummy. It’s funny to watch.

What's this, Dad?!

What’s this, Dad?!

Can I help?

This Colorado Labrador Retriever can help!

Puppies on the way!

In late January we bred our Hunting Retriever titled Labrador Retriever Inara with Tank from Plateau Labradors. Tanks is also a titled Hunting Retriever. We are expecting all yellow lab puppies in about five weeks. All the Labrador retriever puppies are for sale and you should be able to pick up yours in May. We’ll continue to post details and pictures as the come available.

Colorado Labrador Retriever Inara in action

Colorado Labrador Retriever Inara in action

Colorado Serenity Labrador Retriever

Colorado Serenity Labrador Retriever is a family-oriented breeder of AKC and UKC registered Yellow Labrador Retrievers. Our dogs are raised, trained, and used as waterfowl retrievers and upland gun dogs. Our yellow lab puppies will be fantastic hunters, companions, and family pets.

We bought our first dog when we began waterfowl hunting. We joined the Platte Valley Hunting Retriever Club, an HRC registered club, to help learn to train our dog. We quickly found we enjoyed HRC hunt trials as much as hunting itself.

Yellow Lab Puppies

The team at Colorado Serenity Labrador Retriever works hard to bring you the best Labrador Retriever Puppies Colorado can produce. We breed one or two liters a year with proven and titled AKC and UKC registered hunting dogs. Our dams and sires are all actively used in the field. The dams and sires have healthy hips and elbows (no dysplasia), hearts, and skin and good temperaments. Their OFA, CERF, EIC, and CNM have been verified by appropriate labs and their certifications are posted for each litter. Our Labrador puppies are sold with full registration, microchip registered, with dewclaws removed, and vaccinations appropriate for their age. We work hard to bring you the best Labrador Retriever Puppies Colorado can produce.

Our puppies are whelped in a household setting. Each receives personal attention and are socialized with people and animals very early to ensure they will be excellent household companions and pets. We carefully protect our Labrador puppies to ensure you take home very healthy puppies. For this reason, we do not allow contact with other parties until the puppies are five weeks of age.

We care about the Labrador retriever you will be taking home. We will provide support and recommend training when you take your yellow lab puppies home. We highly recommend you and your Labrador retriever complete a basic obedience class. Further, we hope you will join the Platte Valley Hunting Retriever Club. This is a great way for both hunters and non-hunters to develop a great working relationship with their Colorado Labrador Retriever, and receive great coaching from experienced owners in how to train and work with your dog. You will enjoy your Labrador retriever greatly when it is obedient, well exercised, and well socialized.